Industrial Parts Washer

Beside Camsonic LTD, you can build your own ultrasonic cleaner, with a bespoke plan for a large or an extra-large ultrasonic bath, from 30 litres to 300 litres, 400 litres, 500 litres, 600 litres, 700 litres or even over a 1000 litres, it's up to you and your needs for an industrial parts washer tank capacity, available for all industries, such as ultrasonic cleaning system for automotive carburetors or baking trays.


High-quality industrial parts washer for affordable prices, and an automatic parts washer variety applies a smart technology for any commercial use, made in the UK.


Industrial ultrasonic cleaning machines manufactured from 2mm, 316L stainless steel & best brand electrical & mechanical parts, our large washing machines are built for industrial & commercial use.


Touch screen plc controls with menu options, customisable to your specific requirements (multi-lingual option), with an automated temperature cut-offs for commercial use.

Parts Cleaner Ultrasonic Cleaning Solution

With bespoke ultrasonic tank cleaner.

All our ultrasonic cleaning solution machines can be manufactured specifically for our customer’s needs. With bespoke ultrasonic tank cleaner, we will create an ultrasonic cleaning tank to cater for your specific needs Available with a rinse tank or as a single basin.


Everything Our Clients Say About Us

We purchased an HP950 ultrasonic parts cleaner form Camsonic a couple of years ago now and are very happy with the results. It cleans at a level that is expected and is very manageable when it comes to cleaning and servicing. We use the cleaning fluids recommended by Camsonic and wash an array of different materials. The parts are always clean and rust-free. I would recommend them for their customer service and build quality.

M. Briddon

Sanderson Precision Engineering

I would recommend Camsonic to anyone looking for quality, well-built, ultrasonic cleaning equipment.
Colin was very helpful, and went out of his way to make sure we were happy with the finished product

Steve Williams

Purchasing Manager

Camsonic has a growing reputation as remaining one of Europe’s best manufacturers of Ultrasonic Cleaning Machines. We have multiple off the shelf cleaning units available to order as well as delivering bespoke units designed around customers particular cleaning specifications. We have the expertise to achieve outstanding results for every client.

Ultrasonic Parts Cleaner
Industries We Work With

uLTRASONIC Print Industry

Anilox Rollers & Parts

Ultrasonic Food and Catering

Cleaning Baking Trays & Dies

ultrasonic Pharmaceutical

Ultrasonic cleaning Filters & Dies

Wood/Timber Industry

Cleaning Saw Blades

automotive parts washer

Ultrasonic Carburetor Cleaner