Ultrasonic Parts Cleaner

Parts Cleaner Ultrasonic Cleaning Solution With Bespoke Ultrasonic Tank Cleaner

All our ultrasonic cleaning solution machines can be manufactured specifically for our customer’s needs. With bespoke ultrasonic tank cleaner, we will create an ultrasonic cleaning tank to cater for your specific needs Available with a rinse tank or as a single basin.

Made in UK



Finance available


  • Powerful ultrasonic: Provides a fast & easy clean.
  • PLC touch screen controls: Easy to operate with clear instructions.
  • Frequency sweep circuit: Eliminates ‘hot spots’ in the solution to avoid damage to parts.
  • 24/7 Heater control: Set the heating to come on whenever you want so the tank is ready when you want.
  • Low water level lockout: Stops the machine from overheating when tank is empty to reduce operator error.
  • PLC driven fault-finding diagnostics: Identifies any problems should they arise.
  • Multi-lingual instruction facility – Touch screen instructions & commands in the language of your choice.
  • Parts basket: Makes loading/unloading items quick and simple.
  • Auto Filtration.
  • Oil Separation.


Our tanks offer an unparalleled clean for your items with little effort from the operator.


For cleaning parts for the print, automotive, precision engineering,aviation, food, and many other industries.


All Camsonic models have a 2-year warranty on all parts.