Anilox Roller Cleaning

Bespoke Floor Standing Anilox Cleaner Automatic Machines

Are designed to minimise operator involvement. The only action required from the operator is to load dirty rollers and unload clean rollers.

Made in UK



Finance Available


  • Clean Rollers up to 5M Face Length
  • Multi-Roll Cleaning Available
  • Pan World Magnetic Drive Pumps used for transferring solution
  • Detergent dosing is standard with these units
  • Filtration System
  • Even Sensors Ignore Foam
  • Diaphragm pump for draining spent solution
  • The lid can be opened and closed automatically if required


We build these machines in any size that the customer demands and precisely bespoke to suit any roller to include two separate tanks mounted on different frames. With the holding tank include temperature-controlled cleaning solution stored in the holding tank, also a transfer pump and a filter pump fitted to this tank.Ultrasonic CleaningTank complete with a hinged lid. Ultrasonic equipment and rinse jets fitted to the body of this tank. There is also a drain pump installed to this tank, and a rotation system provided, Drying nozzles mounted on the inside of the hinged lid.