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our bespoke machines

We offer the privilege to modify any design from our West Yorkshire workshop and have your machine built to suit your requirements.

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All our units designed and manufactured in our West Yorkshire based factory, for the following industries.

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ultrasonic cleaning tanks

Our ultrasonic cleaning machines are built to solve your cleaning problems, not create you new ones, so all our tanks are.

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ultrasonic cleaning services

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How to Design & Build Your Bespoke Machine?


Whether it's oil, grease, scale, rust, hardened gelatin, sugar, glucose mixture, carbon or ink that you want removed, we will build for you the perfect ultrasonic cleaner without hassle, simply tell us what you need.

Our bespoke design

We offer the privilege to adjust and design a unique ultrasonic bath cleaner manufactured machines from our West Yorkshire workshop and have your bespoke unit built to suit your cleaning solutions.

your Bespoke machine

Your ultrasonic cleaning machine bath manufactured from 2mm, 316L stainless steel & best brand electrical & mechanical parts, our large ultrasonic machines are built for commercial and industrial use.

Our Ultrasonic Machines

Industrial Heavy Duty Anilox Cleaning Machine - Automatic

CamsonicLtd has produced yet another stunning automatic machine for cleaning large and heavy rollers. This machine is destined for a major German corrugated printer.


Bespoke Floor Standing Anilox Cleaner Automatic Machines

Are designed to minimise operator involvement. The only action required from the operator is to load dirty rollers and unload clean rollers.


Wide Web Anilox Roller Cleaning Big Mach ultrasonic Anilox Cleaning Machine

Floor Standing anilox cleaning solutions machines available in 3 Face Lengths as standard. This range of apparatus designed to clean big and heavy rollers.



Do you know that cleaning plays a vital role in keeping us healthy and productive? 
One fact we can’t ignore is that washing and cleaning is not a simple job for everyone, particularly when it comes to washing off germs and other contaminants from an object.
But what if there is a cleaning device that can do the washing job for you while you relax, rest, and watch? An ultrasonic cleaning machine can be the right cleaning tool you need to relieve the stress of cleaning in your factory and workshop. 
Read on to know more about the ultrasonic cleaning machine!

What is Ultrasonic Cleaning?

Ultrasonic cleaning is a process that uses ultrasonic sound waves to clean objects, in a particular machine built to use ultrasound and water or other appropriate cleaning solvents to clean ink, germs, and other contaminants by using sound waves having a high frequency.

How does Ultrasonic Cleaning work?

Ultrasonic cleaning applies a method of cavitation bubbles produced by high-frequency energy and vibration waves to excite a liquid to clean various items gently. The agitation provides high forces on contaminants to object like metals, plastics, glass, rubber, and ceramics. Camsonic LTD can build for you a machine to action this cleaning process and also penetrates blind holes, cracks, and recesses to clean from any object.

What if I have particular machine specifications?

We offer the privilege to adjust and design a unique machine from our West Yorkshire workshop and have your bespoke unit manufactured to suit your requirements and needs of any sizes and chaps of parts you want to clean.
Whether its oil, grease, scale, rust, carbon or ink that you want removed, we will produce for you the perfect machine without hassle, tell us what you need and will make it built for you.

What Things To Consider When Buying An Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine?

First, identify what you will be cleaning, to better suited to appropriate duties, If you were cleaning very gentle jewellery or electronics, you would be better of looking for a cleaner that can operate in a higher frequency range. On the other hand, if you're cleaning more durable objects that need serious cleaning power to remove abrasives and other contaminants, you'll want to look for one capable of lower frequencies.
Also, another vital factor to consider is the size of the tank and basket. You need to ensure that the objects you plan on cleaning can fit into the tank; otherwise, it won't matter how powerful the unit is.
When looking at the dimensions of your ultrasonic cleaner needs.
If you are cleaning delicate items or other industrial heavy objects such as anilox roller, Camsonic LTD can deliver the perfect bespoke machine that will clean any item with the best finish you can assume.

Everything Our Clients Say About Us

We purchased an HP950 ultrasonic parts cleaner form Camsonic a couple of years ago now and are very happy with the results. It cleans at a level that is expected and is very manageable when it comes to cleaning and servicing. We use the cleaning fluids recommended by Camsonic and wash an array of different materials. The parts are always clean and rust-free. I would recommend them for their customer service and build quality.

M. Briddon

Sanderson Precision Engineering

I would recommend Camsonic to anyone looking for quality, well-built, ultrasonic cleaning equipment.
Colin was very helpful, and went out of his way to make sure we were happy with the finished product

Steve Williams

Purchasing Manager

Camsonic has a growing reputation as remaining one of Europe’s best manufacturers of Ultrasonic Cleaning Machines. We have multiple off the shelf cleaning units available to order as well as delivering bespoke units designed around customers particular cleaning specifications. We have the expertise to achieve outstanding results for every client.